and find i'm king of the hill

Jesse St. James.
Happily tied with the most beautiful girl in this world and beyond.
But you already knew that. Broadway Star, recently debuting on cinema. Brain wrecking singer and performer in general. Do be aware I am not responsible for blown up minds effect.

If you're looking for the best, you're at the right place. Piano, guitar and recently sax are my instruments. Pencils rather than paint. Tango rather than ballet. Jazz above all else. Classics rather than pop. Girls and boys you can bring me them all.

faq: Fanmail can be delivered at your left. No comments on 2013 or William St. James, don't waste both our times. Apollo's favorite snacks are any pedigree ones. Specially red meat ones.

A Number one
I'm gonna make a brand new start of it

I don’t believe introductions are necessary

You know me.

Yes, ladies and gentlemen. Jesse St. James is  back. The one and only. Hotter than ever. With almost as many fans as Elvis by now. 

Fans, you’ve come to right place. For this has  been created for the single purpose of my adoration.To all others: I don’t know half of you half as well as I should like, and I like less than half of you half as well as you deserve.

 If I don’t know you, and you’re not a  pain in the ass, please come forward. I do like to make new friends. And I don’t bite. Unless, of course, I’m on a mission to  get rid of your clothes. 

At last,